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35 Years In The Construction Industry.

Stipe Development Company produces high quality work with an impeccable attention to detail making a positive impact on every project it handles.

Stipe Development Company has over 35 years experience within the construction industry. This experience is a solid foundation displaying the importance of every aspect of the construction process. Founded in 1985, by Steven Stipe, Stipe Development Company focused on building custom and spec homes as well as handling a range of large - and small scale remodeling projects.

After over three decades in the business , Steve has had the opportunity to work with some of the most reliable, respected subcontractors within the area of Orange County. Knowing the value of good crews, he has maintained strong working relationships with many industry individuals and companies for over 20 years.


About Stipe development Co.

Stipe Development knows first hand the challenges and trials that new custom homeowners face and no matter what difficulties may arise, experience helps make the transition - and the wait - as stress free as possible. Stipe Development believes that when you're building a custom home or remodeling to improve an existing structure, the process of putting it together should be just as enjoyable as living in it!

Stipe Developments work reflects the unique style preferences of each client and has handled everything from Spanish Ultramodern builds to Hawaiian style homes where abundant angles, glass and wood are the defining elements.

Finally Stipe Development offers experience and quality backed by the promise of an ethical business approach. throughout each project, from the initial design phase to the finishing touches, Stipe Development combines functionality with thoughtful planning and execution. The result is a pleasurable experience for the customer, and a home that is at once beautiful and enduring..

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